Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Education at BYU-Idaho: $15,000
Cap and Gown: $20
Graduation Vacation: $300
Picture with a giant spud: Awesome
Realizing there are 3 people in the picture: Priceless

Baby Montour is due November 19th, 2012!

Monday, May 7, 2012

A few pictures from February through April

That awkward jumble of a post when you realize you haven't posted for 3 months. 

Bonfire with Garrett and Emily on the river bank in February
Valentine's day chocolate fondue. Yum! I love you babe. 
Spearing bananas is serious business

Hannah and Joe got married on February 17th! They looked so happy. Hannah and I have been friends since we were babies. She is so beautiful!

I did it! 
Thanks to all my family for their support at graduation. My Grandma and Grandpa Hall even came during a busy time for them. I love my family :) 
We went on a graduation vacation to Jackson Hole. We loved this little cabin. There was even an indoor pool and hot tub. 
Hiking near the Tetons
I went paint balling for the first time for my nephew Mesafint's 16th birthday. It was so fun. I still want a chance to shot those guys who gave me bruises!  
I got to babysit this little cutie (my nephew) while his parents were in Haiti.