Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cooking without a recipe

Growing up my mom rarely opened the bottom drawer in the kitchen containing the recipe books. I always thought to myself that she was probably missing stuff in our food or measuring everything wrong. But now... I find myself doing the same thing. It started out with me adding more of the things I like into my recipes and less or none of the nasty stuff. The last two nights I wanted to make some really yummy food and had looked through recipes here. But then when I got home to where we have no internet I decided to go out on a limb. First I made up a recipe for a shrimp, vegetable, and dill oven omelet. Then it was mango curry chicken and rice.
      Chicken broth
On top
      Green peppers

I even found this article about cooking without a recipe. And I like to go here for inspiration.
Make up something all your own. Do it, I dare you. Cook without a recipe.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Have you been in 4 states at once?

Phil and I decided to go to Southern Utah (And Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona!) for the break between semesters. It was necessary. And it was warm. And there was so much to do! It also happened to be coming up on Easter Jeep Safari which was very hard on Phil since we didn't even take a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Oh no!! 
 We went to Goblin Valley.
We drove past a really large watermelon on the way so naturally we had to go back so I could get a picture.

 We hiked around Arches and had to stop at the famous Delicate arch of course! Can you see us?

 We found this Jeep made completely out of license plates and wrenches and other weird stuff. It was so cool! It's name was Mother of all Beasts (MOAB.) Phil even let me drive :)
 Hole in the rock! Just south of Moab. Don't ever just drive past this place, it's amazing! There's a gift shop and a whole huge house cut into that rock.
 And then Phil decided we needed to see some ruins, and so we started driving even more south. These cliff dwellings were at Hovenweep National Monument.
 And since we were already so close, I insisted we must make it to the 4 corners! A childhood dream of mine! It was very exciting.
 Phil wasn't quite as enthused. 
 And finally we made it to Mesa Verde in Colorado! Very cool. 
 Cliff Palace. The largest cliff dwelling in North America! 
And I saved this one for last. Hehe 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is our blog. Read all about it!

Hi. As my sister says, I'm blog retarded. But here's our blog. Although, I'm not sure if "our" is a good description since this wasn't Phil's idea. I'm about to abandon it myself after how long it's taken to get to this point. I guess i'll give it a try.

Anybody reading?