Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dear Stella- 1 month old

Dear Stella,

         One month since you came rushing into the world and we love you like we've known you forever. We spent the early weeks mostly cuddled up in bed taking each other in. You took to nursing quickly and have been a good sleeper too. By three weeks you were predictably waking up once a night to eat at about 3:30 am and even surprised me once by sleeping through. You weigh in at 9 lbs 4 oz and grew to 22 inches long. You get lots of kisses from us all including big sister Lola who adores you. Much to my surprise she hasn't yet acted jealous of all the attention you get, and even shares her beloved blanket with you. It hasn't all been easy of course getting used to another baby around. I had days where I thought I couldn't possibly stand another minute of whining and crying or changing diapers. Leaving the house takes a lot of energy out of me. But even as I live it I know I will miss this. You took your first day trip at 2 weeks old. We visited the beach where daddy played as a kid in Mukilteo and then went to Pike's Place market in Seattle. Your dad and I realized that we truly have our hands full now. We are so happy. Love you, sweet girl.