Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dear Lola- 11 Months

Dear Lola,

Every day it seems like you learn something new. This month you starting pointing at things in books. You love books, but can't always hold still long enough for me to read one cover to cover. You'd rather flip the pages as fast as you can. I love it when you're tired and snugly and sit while we read. You've learned that blocks are for stacking which is just so so cute. You will take them out of your toy basket and then put them all back in. You do the same thing with the cookie cutters and a bowl. Probably my favorite thing that you've learned is to clap your hands. You do it with a big smile on your face. I love the way you babble. Sometimes you go on and on, talking about who knows what. One day daddy was trying to teach you to may mama. It really sounded like you said it a few times, but of course you didn't know what you were saying. I think you will be talking soon. When dad gets home for the day you always light up and let out a giggle. It seems like you turn into a high energy version of yourself when he gets home and wants to play. It's adorable when you follow him around the house.You have only gotten better and better at walking. After taking your first steps a month ago it only took about a week before you were walking more than crawling. You learned how to stand up in the middle of the floor and then quickly how to turn around to change direction. You are such an adorable, clever little girl.

Lots of love,