Wednesday, July 11, 2012

20 weeks, it's a GIRL!

 This was a very exciting week! My tummy is getting pretty round, and mostly I think it's pretty cute. Sometimes I get frustrated because my clothes don't fit, but overall I feel great. Phil and I were both extremely excited for our July 3rd ultrasound. It was awesome to see our baby. The ultrasound tech said with confidence that our baby is a GIRL! We are so happy and I felt relieved. We both wanted a girl. It just felt right. I was feeling worried that if it was a boy I would be disappointed. It is also a lot easier for us to agree on girl names! Besides that she looked healthy too! During the ultrasound she stayed pretty curled up and pushed against the placenta which made it hard to get a profile of her face. Both her legs and arms were crossed for part of it, and she was sucking on her finger. Cute! 

Since we found out the gender of our baby on July 3rd we thought it would be fun to announce it to family with a firework. Right after our ultrasound appointment we went looking for a pink one. It took us three firework stands to find this pink fountain! We decided we would do it after the firework show in Idaho Falls so everyone could be there. It seemed like we had to wait forever, and my nieces and nephews kept bothering me to tell them. Well we finally got home late and were able to share the news. We're so excited about our little girl :)