Thursday, March 14, 2013


           Looking at these pictures is bringing back all the memories from my pregnancy. I remember finding out that I was pregnant and feeling so light headed and excited and overwhelmed. Phil was just so calm and happy. I had wanted a November baby but was so surprised that it worked out that way. When my mom told me that she had been due with me on November 18th I thought it was a funny coincidence. I kept it a secret through my last semester of college. It was hard not to tell my classmates. It was also fun though, keeping it as our little secret. I immediately started reading everything I could about pregnancy and delivery. I went to the University's library and checked out a stack of books only to be asked "Are you pregnant?" Oh my gosh. I'd never been asked that. Eek. "No, just doing research." I promptly ran into my cousin's wife who I fretted had seen the book titles and knew.
          I loved being pregnant. It made me feel beautiful and special. It was so exciting planning for our little girl and imagining what she would look like. It was hard sometimes too, like going to work when my back hurt. One Sunday I woke up and could not find a thing to wear to church. Needless to say it was depressing and we were late. I gained too much (40 pounds) and it shows in the pictures. I didn't beat myself up about it though and I don't feel like I need to explain myself. After Lola was born I wasn't sure if I would be able to lose the extra weight. I always had the idea that pregnancy gave you hidden pounds that just never went away. I knew that even if that were the case she was totally worth it. I've lost it all plus some, although the stretch marks may never completely fade and my stomach isn't quite the same. But you know what? I have a deeper respect for my body now. It knew exactly what it was doing before I read all those books to find out what was going on in there. And she turned out to be the most perfect little baby. I'm so grateful that I was able to experience carrying and delivering her. Both were extremely incredible experiences that I will remember forever. I can just imagine years from now on our birthday I will be telling Lola all about it.

Pictures were taken by my talented sister Kate Hill. Thank you thank you thank you!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Lola- 4 Months

Dear Lola,

Monday marked 4 months since we held you for the first time. Your dad and I think you are the most precious little girl in the whole world. Monday I also took you to see Dr. L. He is very happy with how you are growing. You weigh 15 lbs 7.5 oz (87%) and are 25.5 inches long (91%.) Your cute little noggin measures 16.5 inches around (77%.) You had to get immunizations so of course you bawled your eyes out. Thankfully you fell asleep before we even left the Doctor's office. That night you gave us a scare. I noticed you were hot and had a temperature of 101.6. I immediately called my sister Karen who is a nurse. Then I called Phil who said he would pick up some Tylenol on the way home. 45 minutes later you threw up about ten times. You completely soaked the front of my shirt and your clothes too. It scared me half to death! I called Karen again and Phil who then also called Karen... you can tell we are first time parents with a first time sick baby. I even called the after hours number at the pediatrician's office. I was just so nervous. You spit out the Tylenol but went to bed as usual. You even slept through the night (although I sure didn't.) It seemed all you needed was a good nights sleep and then you were happy as a peach. You started sleeping through the night at about 2 1/2 months, although lately you've been waking up for snacks in the night. In other news you have started to babble and giggle which we think is adorable. You like to arch your back to escape from the bouncer or even your car seat when not strapped in. Your grandma, aunts, and cousins all love to hold you. I got you some books at the thrift store including Goldilocks and the Three Bears and I'm going to read them to you. I have fond memories of my mom reading to me so I hope you will like books as much as I do. I'm so blessed to have you as my daughter.

Hugs & Kisses,