Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is our blog. Read all about it!

Hi. As my sister says, I'm blog retarded. But here's our blog. Although, I'm not sure if "our" is a good description since this wasn't Phil's idea. I'm about to abandon it myself after how long it's taken to get to this point. I guess i'll give it a try.

Anybody reading?


  1. Keep it up Lyd Jo. Maybe someday you'll become a pro.

  2. it's a pain at first, but it gets easier. you'll get the hang of it. and yes! we will be reading!!! check out our blog too, let me know if you have any bloggy questions. I'm not a pro, but i have a couple years of experience;) chao chao

  3. I know you don't think phil will have much to do with the blog, but phil has a lot to say, just wait, he'll be logging in in no time. also i just realized the name of your blog, i love it. it's anasazi-ish, I'm guessing phil came up with that right?!:)

  4. Actually Lydia came up with the genius name for our blog. Yeah i'll be blogging one of these days too. I wanna be a hard core blogger just like you guys.