Thursday, October 20, 2011

Breakfast dinner gone wrong

Oh the glorious breakfast dinner. Can't think of anything to make? Hungry for an omelet? Breakfast dinner to the rescue! This is awesome because 1. Breakfast foods rock. 2. It's easy to decide between say breakfast burritos or pancakes and skip the debate and 3. Breakfast breakfast is turning into too much cereal and as we all know, breakfast foods ROCK.

So the other day I got home from work and I was really hungry. If you know me well, you know that when I get hungry I can get pretty grouchy. So to combat that I made some waffles, cracked some eggs in the frying pan, and pretty pretty please asked Phil to sit in his seat NOW. Phil knew what to do. He sat right down and offered to say the prayer too. (I have the best husband.) Somewhere in the middle of the prayer there was a clatter. This was the clatter of my frying pan falling off the hot plate and my still raw eggs being catapulted into the carpet. And there they sat until I had eaten my waffles.


  1. Sad story cuz! What exactly happened? Did the pan get too hot?

    I must agree that breakfast for dinner is my all time favorite choice too and I am just as grumpy and demanding about sitting at the dinner table NOW! That made me laugh that you are that way too :)

  2. It seems that the pan gets slippery on there whenever it's hot, especially with food in it. Maybe the pan is warped. Eggs aren't the first thing that have slipped off! I'm missing a real kitchen.

  3. That really sucks Lydia, I'm sorry. I bet the waffles were delicious though.