Thursday, February 14, 2013

The day of hearts and love and cookies

Happy Valentine's Day! I love love love this holiday! There was no Easter bunny at our house (I still remember how weird-ed out I was when a classmate told me about the Easter bunny in Kindergarten) but there were always pink pancakes for V day, or something just as yummy. When I was little it was all about the candy. And then in high school there was the suspense. Will I get a delivery?!? I remember in 7th grade I got an anonymous rose. To this day I swear it was my sister but she would not fess up. And now I have my two favorite valentines to share it with. Of course we had pink pancakes and heart shaped eggs for breakfast.

I had fun making these cookies yesterday. They turned out really good :) I gave away all but a couple.
My two sweethearts this morning. Lola is getting pretty good at sucking her thumb. 
Adorable in her heart diaper. Stay tuned for a post about cloth diapers. 

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