Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear Lola- 10 months

Dear Lola,

You took your first steps two days after turning 10 months old . We were surprised and thrilled! Grandma Hill had been making bets that you would for weeks but I was skeptical. I had been helping you learn to stand on your own for a few days but then suddenly you thought you would take a few steps before diving for the floor. I kept standing you up and bribing you with my cellphone. The most you did was 4-5 steps that first day. I sent a text to Dad saying "I think Lola will be walking by the time you get home for lunch!" Since then you just keep getting better and better. You are now striking out on your own- you are so brave! You also get into and empty every cupboard and drawer you can reach. I just have to accept that the house will always be in disarray. I also found you sucking on the nasty part of the toilet plunger the other day haha. You are such a curious and clever child :) Other things you have been up to this month: going down stairs, getting off the couch or bed by yourself, and waving. You sometimes cry when I leave the room without you, or crawl into the bathroom after me. You love eating cheese, crackers, cheerios, chicken, peas, watermelon, bananas, peaches, and pretty much any fruit we give you. I am happy to say that you are doing much better at sleeping all night long, although if you kick off you blankets and get cold you whine until you get cuddled. There is no way I can get you to wear a bow on your head anymore. Even distracting you is not enough to keep it on for a minute. Holding still for pictures is also difficult because you just want to get a hold of the camera. Right now you are sitting on my lap as I type, inspecting all Dad's calculators and sometimes trying to type for me. This is such a fun age! Love you forever.



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