Monday, June 24, 2013

Meet the Montours

I really wish I was better at this blogging thing. It's all baby stuff. And believe it or not there is a bit more to our lives other than watching Lola grow. I'm just not very good at letting the words flow and being descriptive and talking about every little outing and holiday. But I thought maybe I would write a little get to know us post so at least I can look back and see where we were in June 2013!

First off Phil is an amazing husband and father. He takes time every day to make sure that Lola and I get our hugs and kisses and quality time even if he has a million and one things to do, which he usually does. He is so so busy with school this semester majoring in Mechanical Engineering at BYU-Idaho. He gets to school by 7:45 AM for class and then is usually home by 6 pm for dinner. Many nights he is up till 1 AM studying. I do not envy his schedule right now, but he rarely complains. And if he does it's that he wishes he could spend more time with us. We cannot wait for him to graduate next year! He is the varsity scout coach and the boys are lucky to have him to keep it real. It wouldn't be scouts without winter camping! On Friday he turned 27 and it was really fun to have a reason to celebrate this guy. We had a hot dog roast with friends down by the river. Sadly I didn't take any pictures but it was fun playing crochet, roasting smores, and talking around the fire.

I guess you could say I have adjusted to being a stay at home mom. I enjoy taking care of our home and Lola. I workout 5-6 days a week which keeps me happy. I do workout DVDs and go jogging in the mornings. I think exercise is so important for moms. It was a huge confidence boost for me to get my body back after pregnancy. I am also enjoying cooking healthy foods for us. Right now I am on a kick making whole wheat pizza. I kept making it every Friday for a while because I wanted to make the perfect crust :) I also love reading. Two good books I read recently were Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and Your Roots Are Showing by Elise Chidley. I've read about four other so so books in the last couple of months. I'm the primary secretary in the ward which I enjoy. Although I'm kind of stressed about teaching sharing time and giving a talk in sacrament next week. All in all, life is good!

Our baby girl is growing up. She is crawling and starting to pull herself up to standing. She is on the go and curious. She is generally a pretty chill and happy baby who loves to eat and sleep :) Phil often says "I love having a little girl" and all I can say is ME TOO! One of my favorite things in the world is that if I look at Lola and smile, she smiles right back. Maybe every baby does that, but when my baby smiles at me it makes all the hard times worth it.


  1. I totally agree with working out! It is the biggest piece of advice I give to anyone pregnant or new mom...what saved my from baby blues and postpartum depression was working out.

    I've totally noticed Lola smiling like crazy lately! You can't help but smile at her and she smiles right back. It is so cute.

    1. Stacy, I'm right there with you on the baby blues. I remember the first day I committed to work out post baby. It was awful. Lola was crying and would NOT nap when I wanted her to and it was so hard to get through the workout. I was so frustrated I cried about it later when I told Phil, "I just want to do this one thing for ME!" But I'm SO glad I did not give up!