Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear Lola- 7 Months

Dear Lola,

At seven months it feels like your baby days will fly by in the blink of an eye. You are wearing 12 month clothes and growing by the minute. This month you started eating meat and fruit (yum yum!) You've gotten really excited about eating. It's easy to tell if you like something by the way you swallow and quickly open up wide for more. The opposite happens if you hate it or are full, as well as crying. You can be so dramatic haha. I just started giving you those little baby puffs which you think are the best thing EVER.You got a bad rash after eating avocado so I guess we will have to be careful. You love your sippy cup but don't understand that it has to be tipped up to get water. Real cups are the bees knees. I think this happened after I gave you a sip of my smoothie. If I've got a cup you've gotta have a drink. OH! My wildest dreams came true! You sprouted your two front bottom teeth about a week after you turned 6 months. They are super cute and sharp. They didn't seem to bother you at all coming in so It's a good thing I was keeping a lookout for them or I wouldn't have noticed. Now I'm kind of scared for your top teeth to come in....ouch. You've been working all month on crawling. Mostly it's been more of a scoot crawl but lately it's definitely a real crawl. I even saw you go from sitting to crawling a couple of times. I think you will really take off this week. Eek I'm scared though because I know I can't protect you from all the bumps and bangs. One thing is for sure, I can not put you on the bed any more. You dove off head first twice in a week. That made me feel like the world's worst mom.We took you camping for the first time to Horseshoe lake. It was really fun and of course you wanted to eat all the dirt you could. Dad thinks you are his little fishing pal this summer. It is the cutest thing watching you two together. I love our little family of three. Xoxo



  1. Such a nice way to journal Lola's growing years.

  2. Aww cute! I love her. How did she do camping? I am terrified of taking Tanner anywhere overnight.

    1. She did pretty good, but she woke up like 3 times. I think she was just cold so she ended up in my sleeping bag which made it pretty hard for me to sleep! It really was fun though.