Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy 1st and 24th birthday to us!

Finally cousin Everett had to show her how to blow out the candle :) 

Yummy, she loved her banana cake!

Cheesecake for me, and banana cupcakes for everyone too! 

Hat I crocheted

It was a fun party! I loved celebrating with Lola. All day it felt really special and it was great to have family and friends to share all that cake with! I kept reminiscing about my birthday surprise last year when my water broke at midnight (read her birth story here.) After she was born I remember thinking she was the most beautiful baby, so tiny and perfect. The nurses put a little bow on her head that completed the present look. The last year flew by! I'm already thinking about how much fun 2 & 25 will be :)

*Thanks for the pictures, Kate!*


  1. SOO sweet! Looks like you guys had a wonderful birthday! I'm just so happy for you guys and so grateful my brother is so lucky and happy that he has you two beautiful girls. Happy Birthday Lydia and Lolita:)

    1. Thanks, Megan! We are so lucky to have him too.