Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

I decided to throw together a Christmas card with no time to send it by snail mail. Oh well, I love it anyways and want to wish you a Merry Christmas! This year I am feeling especially blessed. My life is so full of love and happiness. It may not seem like we have a lot, but we have each other and that really is everything. And we have the most wonderful thing of all- a loving Savior. He brings light to the darkest corners in our lives. I love this season because it helps me remember Him more often.

Recently our family has received some anonymous gifts that have been a huge blessing and helped to ease the stress of Christmas. I want so much to thank those people. I have no way of knowing who they are but I need to say a big THANK YOU. You have brought so much happiness to us.

Thank you to those who gave us money making it possible for us to buy gifts and to soon take a trip to see Phillip's parents without worry. Your gift is soooo appreciated here. It is huge to us, and we think it was so selfless of you to do it anonymously.

Thank you to the family who dropped gifts and food off on our doorstep. We are blown away by your generosity and are so excited to open the gifts. Thank you thank you thank you! You have made for a very merry Christmas here.

Thank you to the man who paid for our dinner the other night. Lola has been sick and spent the whole time whining, tipping over water in my lap, making messes, and refusing to eat all the while we were supposed to be celebrating our Anniversary. We were exasperated and I felt bad that the people around us were probably annoyed by her crying. You didn't know anything about us but your act of kindness had me in tears all the way home. I'm already imagining how much fun it will be to pay it forward to another family some day.

There are so many good Christ-like people in the world. We really have been touched with the Christmas spirit this year because of others. May you all have a very Merry Christmas!


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  1. That is so awesome! I just love the holidays and especially this year it I have heard of so many random acts of kindness.