Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The day to eat at least half a cake

That's right. Today is my half birthday!!! At least I thought it was until I read this. I'm not entirely convinced though. But this is what the half birthday calculator said:

Enter a birthday:                     1989 November 4 

Quick! The half birthday is on Thursday, May 5th, 2011 -- thats TOMORROW!

The next birthday is 184 days from now.

November 4th, 1989 fell on a Saturday and was 21 years, 6 months (a total of 7,851 days) ago.
Which is better? Sharing my half birthday with "Star wars day" (May the fourth be with you!) or Cinco de Mayo? If it means I get fried Ice cream, i'll switch to the 5th! (Maybe.) Anyone else upset at the thought of their half birthday being changed? Or have you been thinking, "um, I never cared in the first place?"


  1. I have never celebrated my half birthday before. But more power to ya for doing it. And why did your half birthday change for?

  2. I AM UPSET!! I will still faithfully celebrate it on December 2nd. Happy Half Lyd Jo!

  3. OH I CARE!! I love celebrating my half birthday. It is tradition to get half of a present too so I hope your hubby spoiled ya :)

  4. I never really cared before, but I think we will start the tradition. First order of business...finding out when my 1/2 birthday is! Happy 21 1/2:)

  5. Jess, the half birthday calculator that I linked in my post tries to factor in leap years and such... but i'm not going to be swayed.

    Us girls never want to miss the opportunity for gifts, even if it's only half of one! Let the celebrating begin:)