Friday, May 27, 2011

How we really met REVEALED

You may have heard that Phillip and I met at the pool. But truthfully, that's not the beginning. If you want to hear the inside story of how things really went down when we met, keep reading.

This much is true- Phillip and I met in January of 2010 in the Hart pool at BYU-Idaho where I was a kayaking instructor. But let's rewind to exactly 8 days earlier.... This cold Monday in January happened to be the opening social  for the Outdoor Activities Program. I had been involved for a couple of years and was now the kayaking coordinator. While everyone was going around introducing themselves and saying where they were from and bla bla bla I suddenly hear "Hi, I'm Phillip Montour. I'm the survival skills coordinator." I turned around in my seat and there he was. I was thinking He's a coordinator too? Why have I never seen him before? Dang, he's cute. After introductions we loaded our gear in some vans and went cross country skiing. I saw him a few times throughout the night, but didn't get very close. After all he totally could have been there with his girlfriend. Or married. Or worse. (Wait, nothing could have been worse.) So what's a girl to do? Lucky for me, since he was a coordinator, I had access to his name on the papers that were handed out. So I went home and looked him up on Facebook. And I'll admit it... I read his info, read his wall, and probably looked at every photo he was tagged in. I'm such a creepy creeper. And then I found THIS.

I thought... I'm a smokin hot fun outdoorsy girl. 

I was thinking this before we'd even MET. I already knew we were absolutely perfect for each other, and he didn't even know I existed (Ok maybe not. But hey, we did end up together.)

And that's why when he called me a few days later and left a voicemail saying, "I was told you're the kayaking coordinator, can you give me more info on your kayaking class?" my heart skipped a beat.

That's why when I saw he was on the list of students for my kayaking class I got a little nervous/excited.

And that's why when he saw me for the first time at the pool and I said, "Hi, I'm Lydia. What's your name?" I already knew the answer.


  1. Thats is a really cute story. Loved that you checked out his facebook page and its not creepy either, it was research and that is okay.

  2. Love the story!! You are a smokin hot fun outdoorsy girl. Oh, and I think your first pet should be a chinchilla:)