Friday, May 6, 2011

The long wait is over... THEY'RE HERE!

Last night I was lucky enough to go to the airport and welcome home my sister Alyssa, her husband Wes, and their kids from Ethiopia.
For the five of them, it's their first time in America. It was a long and frustrating process for them to become an official family, and then finally get here- which makes it all the sweeter that they are actually finally seriously all here together! It was fun to meet my niece and nephews for the first time. Even though it meant packing up and moving out of their house last minute, I still can't help but be SUPER happy for them all. A big welcome home to Wes, Alyssa, Mumbarek, Mesafinet, Damitu, Tofik, Gutama, and Everett! 


  1. Wahoo I have 5 more cousins. Congrats!! Side note... Lyd how long have you had glasses? I have never seen them before, but they look really cute on you!

  2. Its so exciting having them all here. I hope to be seeing everyone this summer and on for family gatherings.
    So have you and Phillip able to find something else then?

  3. Mel, Thanks! I got them in the Fall. I don't wear them all the time, but I like them.

    Jess, yes we are living in another house my grandpa owns:)