Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The crazy CURLS on my head

I had 3 inches cut off my hair last week and it was a BIG DEAL.

You might say, so what? Well, when I was 12 I got a A BAD haircut. Let me tell you, I'm pretty happy that this was one of the worst things that happened to me at that age considering all the other awful things that could have gone wrong. But trust me, this haircut was REALLY BAD. I almost wish I had a picture so you could see just what I'm talking about but few exist. (Probably because no one wanted to take a picture of the ugly duckling.)

I might have looked like the girl on the left a little
bit, or even the creepy lady on the right when I had bed head. Somewhere in the middle as far as age goes, but with a chubby face, acne, and braces.
I went in wanting shoulder length hair with layers and came out with a humiliating curly-almost-mullet.

From that day on I started growing out my hair and wishing my curly hair would just uncurl itself. I even tried to permanently straighten my hair with one of those straightening kits... didn't happen. I didn't know how to take care of my hair, and to make matters worse all of a sudden what I looked like really mattered. I "realized" that I needed cuter clothes, a skinnier body, and straight hair-because how else was I going to crimp it?! I hated my hair for a long time. Finally, after it grew out a bit and I grew up a little I decided my hair was okay and I stopped fighting it. For years I trimmed my own hair and I've only been to a hair salon a handful of times since the awful haircut.

For a few months I'd been thinking my hair had gotten too long to take care of- I never thought that would happen! So I got it cut and I love it. I'm so glad I've come to love the crazy curls on my head.

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