Monday, August 15, 2011

The tale of the Saguaro cactus

DISCLAIMER: the main character in this story dies. If you're the kind of person that can't handle that, 
stop reading now. 

Phil and I went to Southern Utah in April. Remember? If not, read this post. Well while we were there I convinced Phil that we needed one of these. A Saguaro cactus growing kit. Phil thought it was pretty ridiculous considering they mainly only grow in Arizona and we were in Moab, Utah. But I had visions of the huge cactus we'd have one day. And we could say we grew it from seed! The thing about Saguaros though is that they grow very slowly. Our kit informed us that this little guy would give us many years of enjoyment, reaching 4-6 inches tall in 10 years. There's no telling how many more decades (or centuries) it would take for it to sprout arms.

Well, I might not have watered it enough... and a couple of the cute baby cactuses died. And then we drove to California with it in the dashboard and it got fried. RIP. I think we might have to get another one and try again. I mean how many people can say they grew a cactus from SEED?

And when we're really old we'll have it planted in our front yard.

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